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I’m going to Chicago Sketchfest!

I’m going to the second week of Sketchfest, and I’m arriving on Friday so I’ll miss the Thursday evening shows.  I’m leaving Chicago on Monday, so I’ll see the Sunday shows.  Here’s what I’ve decided to see:

8pm The Backrow
9pm Punch in the Box
10pm Peter ‘n Chris
11pm Second City this Week

6pm The Comic Thread
7pm Stir Friday Night
8pm The Cupid Players
9pm Pangea 3000
10pm Inside Joke Films
11pm Urlakis and Cusick

3pm 35th and Addison
4pm Acid Reflux
5pm ? Girls gone MAD or Hi Betty – not enough info to decide
6pm Blacktacular!
7pm Sherra: Secret of the Ooze
8pm Shock T’s

Maybe later I’ll post some observations on my investigation.  I don’t know most of these troupes, so I made my decisions based on web research.  And with sixteen slots to fill, I didn’t want to spend much time doing the research.  Lots of the troupes don’t have much of a web presence, and that generally meant I didn’t select them.

I’m looking forward to finally going to Chicago Sketchfest, something I’ve wanted to see for almost a decade now.  And since I’m now a member of the SketchFest Seattle’s board, I have a great opener to talk with the performers.  So I’ll have a fun time networking as well.

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