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Great Shows “Lately” (since 9/2008)

Back in 2008, I listed a bunch of the sketch shows I’d seen and rated some troupes.

Today, I just want to mention the better sketch shows I’ve seen since 2008.

If you have the opportunity to see any of these groups, DO IT!

So, in no particular order:
1. The Cody Rivers Show – I was only somewhat of a fan in 2008, but their shows since then have really really really kicked ass, especially the stuff I saw in 2010. I think they’re currently on hiatus, but when they’re back go see them.
2. Last Call Cleveland – The hit of Sketchfest 2010. Their videos, even their music videos, aren’t as good as seeing them live. I would suggest you avoid seeing their videos until you’ve seen them live. And I suggest you see them live.
3. Hey You Millionaires – I loved them when I first saw them at Sketchfest 2008 (also in 2009). In 2010 they were temporarily missing a member, and I think the quality of the show suffered a little. But I still say go see them if you can. Apparently they’ve moved to L.A.
4. Shoshinz – Not much to say about this Japanese duo. They were great when they toured in the area back in 2009. They had no English dialogue in the show I saw, but had fun dance and music numbers. I’m a sketch curmudgeon, but I loved them and I highly recommend seeing them.
5. Peter n’ Chris Show – I saw them for the first time in 5/2011 and was blown away. They are (for me) the surprise new duo (from Vancouver).
6. Charles – Currently, the best sketch troupe in the Seattle area (Bellingham is not included in “Seattle area”). The duo is funny and clever, but often you can only see them performing with (opening for) another troupe. Even if you don’t like the other troupe, Charles is worth the price of admission.
7. Second City Touring Company show – They have performed at the Edmonds Center for the Arts in February for the last few years (and occasionally elsewhere in the area as well).

“What about group X?” some might ask me. “What do you think of them?”
Well, if they’ve been to Seattle in the past few years, I’ve probably seen them. I might have even enjoyed the show. But the seven I listed here are in a class above that group (at least).