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Two opportunities in Seattle to learn more about sketch writing!!!

I’m pleased that two of the leading groups in Seattle comedy are now offering training in sketch comedy! The Seattle sketch comedy offerings have been largely inconsistent in quality, and having two groups offering classes gives me hope that soon we’ll have a new crop of better sketch troupes. Unexpected Productions has a great reputation in offering comedy instruction (mostly improv), and Sketchfest has selected an instructor who has consistently brought great sketch comedy to Seattle.

1. Comedy Sketch Workshop – Tristin Devin
Unexpected Productions
For those of you who don’t know, UP is one of the two big improv shops in Seattle. They are not known for putting on sketch comedy shows, but their improv shows are solid. I’m not very familiar with Tristin Devin’s work. The course description mentions he was a member of the sketch group Furioso! I vaguely remember that group, and I don’t think it had many performances.
May 1 – May 22, Noon-3pm
May 7 – May 28, 3pm – 6pm, with a showcase on June 4 @ 7pm

2. Sketch Writing Workshop – Mike Mathieu
SketchFest Seattle
Mike is half of The Cody Rivers Show, consistently one of the best bets in the area’s sketch comedy scene (for years now). SketchFest Seattle is an annual festival of sketch comedy, and the SketchFest Board and Staff are both very interested in improving the local sketch comedy scene.
June 15 – July 13, 6pm – 9pm

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