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Here’s the problem:  I’m lazy and unfocused, and I don’t know what I actually want.

I bought this domain a few days after I quit the Pork Filled Players, thinking I wanted a place to talk about sketchwriting.  Then, I decided I wanted to disseminate information about sketchwriting, and I could do so in a format that would allow me to sorta create a “manual” for my future sketchwriting partners.

Oh, did I mention that I intend to do sketch again one day?  Yeah, maybe I’ll get around to that sometime.  No promises.

Anyway, I had all these ideas about what I wanted to do.  I wanted to be the codinghorror of sketchwriting.  I planned on a post per week, starting with an informative post on “what iffing”, a lesson I really learned at the sketchwriting intensive I took at Second City last year.  I even had a large enough list of topics that I figured I could easily come up with enough material for two months.

Then I got lazy.

Then I went to LA and saw the Groundlings!  I actually wrote up a nice little post about how disappointed I was in the show.

Then I went to Chicago and saw the Second City!  I wrote up another nice little post about how I was happy to see an actually good, smart sketch revue.

But I didn’t want to “launch” until I had at least one good informative (instructional) sketchwriting post, and I never quite got around to writing it, and I haven’t yet (“Then I got lazy.”).

Another thing:  I have more to say about sketchwriting than I initially intended to post here.  Mostly, I didn’t want to be too negative in general about sketch comedy.  After spending 7 years performing and writing sketch comedy, and almost that long REALLY analyzing it, I have a very negative view of the state of sketch comedy today (and of most of the sketches I see).  I didn’t think it made for good blogging.

And I’ve been missing sketch comedy.  The Pork Filled Players will be performing at Seattle’s Sketchfest, and I’ll miss being up there with them.  And SNL opened its new season with a good policial opener, and I’m hoping they will not disappoint me this very political season.  And I am inspired today by the newly launched, which you shouldn’t really care much about unless you are a tech person.

So I am declaring that Sketchwright is going ALPHA!

Actually, this is more of a rapid prototype of what Sketchwright will someday be (if it lasts).  I’ll start with everything, and then refine it.  Wait, there’s actually a term used in writing that describes what I”m doing:  A DRAFT!  Okay, this is the first draft of Sketchwright.

So right now, Sketchwright doesn’t have a mission statement or a clear agenda.  It is whatever I think about sketch right now.  Once I figure out what I actually want to do, I’ll clean out the old stuff that doesn’t agree with Sketchwright’s (eventual) mission.

Warning:  I think I’m going to be harsh about sketch comedy, especially sketch comedy in Seattle.  I’ll probably be especially hard on the Pork Filled Players, but that’s because I know them so well and because I can easily imagine what they’d be like (or how I’d be pushing for them to be like) were I still with them.  After I get a bit more distance, that’ll probably stop, because they’re actually a much better group than most I’ve seen.

I’m going to try to not censor myself here.  I’ll try.  Self-censoring is bad for writing drafts.  I can refine later, and y’all can watch the process if you want.  I will edit my posts for various reasons.  I can do so at any time.  I probably edited this post before you even read it!  I can do what I want!  This is my blog!

Yes, this is a first draft.  If I consider this to be a draft, I can probably write more freely.  Remember that this is just a draft as you read.

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